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Appropriate Age Level: Adult men and women.

Ushers and greeters are considered ministers of hospitality. They are usually the first persons the parishioners and visitors meet as they gather for the Celebration of the Mass, Evening Prayer, or other special celebrations. Ushers greet people and assist in seating people. They make sure that the church is cleaned and that the pews are straightened and in order for the next mass.

There is a book on a table in the back of the church which provides parishioners an opportunity to sign up to carry up the gifts of bread and wine at the Offertory procession. The ushers are to check the book to see if someone has signed up to do so at each mass. If no one has signed up, the ushers are to invite parishioners to take part in this simple but meaningful ministry.

Other important duties for the ushers are taking up the collection, directing the Communion Procession, and distributing Sunday bulletins and special envelopes at the conclusion of mass. They should always be prepared to assist with emergencies that may occur.