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Monsignor Charles SchluterMonsignor Charles Schluter

Welcome to St. Peter’s Faith Family!

We are happy to have you as part of our community and hope we can be of service to you for your spiritual growth and your happiness in life. We encourage you to give some thought to the organizations listed on this website. There is so much energy that people expend to make these organizations come alive. That is our way of giving life to our community.

After becoming familiar with what our parish offers, we encourage you to give of yourself through one or more of our parish groups. Christ asks us to be of service to each other, so along with your regularity at our Sunday liturgies, please learn about and select one of our organizations to make your life and our life at St. Peter’s a little more fulfilling.


God bless you on your journey of faith in life.

Parish Office Staff

Deacon, Todd Martin                                          608.246.8476 (H)

Parish Office                                                     608.249.6651

Business Manager, Sandy Lee                         608.249.6651         Ext. 11

Bulletin Editor, Debbie Steinmetz                     608.249.6651         Ext. 24

Liturgy and Music Director, Andrew Kem        608.249.6651         Ext. 25 

Religious Education (Youth Ministry)

Peg Miller, Director, Grades 6-12                608.249.6651        Ext. 21   
Chris Cardin, Assistant Director, Pre.K-5    608.249.6651        Ext. 29   
Sally Matusek, Program Coordinator          608.249.6651        Ext. 23   
Mary Anderson, Program Assistant

Custodial Staff,

Bob Saidler                                                 608.220.8613