From the Desk of Msgr. Charles

Although summer this year lasts until September 21, I think most of us feel it ends with Labor Day weekend. This is my problem.

When I was young, Mom and Dad often said that fall was their favorite season of the year. I did not agree. To me fall was just a prelude to winter, my least favorite season. I don’t ski or skate, so what good is it? I once had a sweat shirt with the inscription, “I’m already sick of next winter.”

All of this is really my problem. Is winter really that bad? First of all there’s Christmas, my favorite holiday. In January I spend a week with Fr. Jim in Florida. In February I spend a week in Arizona with Fr. Roger.

On Wednesday I had breakfast with a few parishioners and suddenly declared, “This year I’m just going to embrace fall for the beautiful season it is and not worry about what follows.”

On a serious note, it is God who gave us the changing of seasons. For that we should be grateful.