From the Desk of Msgr. Charles

I wish to again thank Judy Stolper for her wonderful service to our parish. I also wish to thank the members of our staff and many volunteers who put on the beautiful reception for her last Saturday.

In recent weeks we have been searching for a replacement for Judy. Only two people applied for the position, and one lived a considerable distance from Madison. Last week I met with Deacon Todd and Judy to discuss the situation. We agreed that it would be best to postpone the hiring until spring, when we would expect a larger number of applicants. Meanwhile Deacon Todd will begin to work for the parish on a part time basis. He and I will take over Judy’s task of visiting the homebound and those in care facilities. Judy has agreed to remain on the staff through August to work through the transition.

I know that the changeover will not be without difficulties, but, with the help of our many volunteers, I believe we will continue to serve well those who are in need.

Your prayers during this process will be much appreciated.

Thank you.