From the Desk of Msgr. Charles

This weekend we are celebrating the Church’s greatest feast, Easter or the Resurrection of the Lord. Just three days ago we commemorated the Lord’s Passion and Death on Good Friday.

Although Easter is the greater feast, Good Friday is really the more important for you and me. This is because it was the death of Jesus on the Cross that saved us, that changed everything.

Two passages from the Bible make this clear. In Matthew’s Gospel, which was read on Palm Sunday, the death of Jesus is marked by spectacular events. The curtain of the Temple was split in two and the spirits of the dead rose from their graves and appeared to many in Jerusalem.

In John’s Gospel the body of Jesus is pierced by a lance, causing blood and water to flow out, symbolizing the two life-giving sacraments, the Eucharist and Baptism.

So the Resurrection is really the dramatic event that made clear to all the world what Jesus had accomplished by his death.

Together the two great days, Good Friday and Easter remind us that we are all destined to die, but that we are also promised eternal life through faith and Baptism.